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Don, Laurie and Lillian on Christmas

L-R; Laurie, Don, and Lillian

Donald (Don) Cunningham was a Charter Member of the Saturna Lions Club. Here he is with his daughter Laurel (Laurie) and wife Lillian (Lill).

Grant Dickey and Ingrid Gaines

Grant Dickey & Ingrid Gaines celebrating at the Lions Christmas event.

Christmas Speech

Lion President Wayne Quinn stands at a podium during the Lions Club Christmas event.

Christmas Lions Dinner

L-R; Jennifer Nilsen, Chelsea Money, Ellen Bourassa & Carol Money. In the background behind Ellen is Brian Haley, John Money and Patti Haley.

Christmas Gift Bags

Back row : Bev Lowsley, Kathy Stonehouse, Jane Dixon Warren, Geri Crooks, Bettianne Hayward, Nancy Gerber, Judy Tipple

Front row: Jean Morgan, Donna Digance, Gaye Oreskovic

Christmas Gift Bags

SWSC Christmas gift bags.jpg
Judy Tipple, Bev Lowsley, Jane Stokes, Joan Dickey, Gaye Oreskovic,Sue Syverson, Sandra Koochin, Donna Digance, Joyce Yasui. Standing in front of the Christmas Gift Bags event created by the Women's Service Club.

Christmas Concert at the Hall
Aaron Money and Kevin Davidson at the kids Christmas Concert at the Community Hall

Christmas at the Community Hall
Geri Crooks with Clint Davidson going to see Santa

School Christmas Concert 1987
L-R back row: Stuart Middleditch, Ashleigh Siemens, Jesse Guy, Kalai Hollings, Mike Garth, Eric Seimens, David Andrews, Corinne House, Miranda Middleditch, Simone Germaine, Andrew Money. L-R second row: unkown, Derita Miller, Aaron Money, Aja Hollings, unkown. L-R front row: unkown, David Miller, Brent Sohier, Lea Sohier, Lee Drafford. (unknown areā€¦

School Christmas Concert 1988
L-R: Jessica Emerson, Colin Branicki, Cara Money, Miranda Middleditch, Jesse Guy, Eric Siemens, Corinne House

School Christmas Concert 1988
Back reads "Didn't get all the kids in School that year!" L-R back row: Cory Nelson, Andrew Money, Fergus Oglivie, Lee Trafford, David Miller, Leslie Sohier, Aaron Money. L-R front row: Miranda Middleditch, Kalai Hollings, Corinne House, Eric Siemens, Michael Garth, Jesse Guy. On bench: Kindergartens

Baby Andrew Money
Andrew's first Christmas concert and chat with Santa. Andrew Money and Carol Money.

Mrs. Warlow at the Piano
Mrs. Warlow at the Piano. This photo appears in a series of photos from Christmas Dinner at the Community Hall.

Christmas Dinner Party
At the house right near government dock. From left to right - Grace Ruffle, Ruby Kay (wife of Walter Kay), unknown, unknown.

Children's Concert at the Hall
Children performing on the Community Hall stage. Most likely a Christmas Concert

Jean Howarth
photograph : cl. Accompanying note reads, "Taken at Christmas. I am really not as fat as this looks - at least I tell myself so - but there certainly aren't any bones showing, are there? Love, Jean."

Raising a Glass of Christmas Cheer
photograph : cl.Bill Money, Jack Vincent, Jim Money