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Mr. Reid and Mrs. Ralph at a House in Boot Cove

L-R; Eddie Reid and Mrs. Raulph standing in front of a house in Boot Cove. House is now demaintained? House on Nepenthe property.

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Thomas's House

"Saturna Island, Thomas Zuccolo's house. When we saw it, it had burned and nothing left but the chimney and fireplace. We went with Katy. One of the "We" was Lorraine. Who else went on that trip is not known."

Thomas's House

Thomas Zuccolo house, Saturna Island.

Thomas's House

Thomas Zuccolo house, Saturna Island.

The Old Stone Cottage at Narvaez Bay Story

BC Historical News.pdf
A history of the stone cottage at Narvaez Bay and of Saturna in general.

Mr. And Mrs. Gerald Payne On The Porch

Bess Payne (left) and Gerald Payne (far right). Other men are unknown

Warburton Pike's Home and Friends

Warburton Pike's home at what is now Thomson Park.

Back of the Bradley-Dyne House

Katie and George Bradley-Dyne's house in Saanich.

The Harold Payne Residence

Harold Payne's home in Winter Cove. In 1891, Harold visited Saturna and returned in 1894 to settle at Saturna Beach, where he ran the store and post office until 1896. He purchased his property in Winter Cove in late 1896.

Back of Harold Payne Residence

Harold Payne's home in Winter Cove

Gerald Payne's Ranch

Gerry's Ranch at Breezy Bay. The photo shows the Payne House and barn.

Gloria Manzano and Eddie Reid
Gloria Manzano and Eddie Reid standing in front of Art Ralph's house across from his store near government dock.

Christmas Dinner Party
At the house right near government dock. From left to right - Grace Ruffle, Ruby Kay (wife of Walter Kay), unknown, unknown.

Ralph House at Narvaez Bay
Picture of waterfront house. Accomapnying note reads "Narvaez Bay - Arthur Ralph (right) and Chuck Bavis house".

Payne Children and Pet
Audrey and Margaret Payne and sheep in front of the Harold Payne House at the end of Church Cove Road.

Margaret Payne
Photograph, black and white, Margaret Payne in front of house in Winter Cove

Audrey and Reg Payne
Photograph;black and white; young Payne children playing in yard

Payne Children with Governess
Photograph; sepia; Harold Payne's 4 children with governess in yard

Estate Photos 1
drawing : bw. Image shows the exterior of a house and yard.


Sitting on the Porch of the Payne House at Breezy Bay
L-R: Kitty (Katherine, born 1900), Bobby (Geraldine, born 1906), Dolly (Dorothy, born 1903)

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