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Christmas Concert at the Hall
Aaron Money and Kevin Davidson at the kids Christmas Concert at the Community Hall

Kevin as "The Devil"
Kevin Davidson dressed as "The Devil" for Halloween at the Community Hall

Dracula AKA Clint at the Hall
Clint dressed up as Dracula for Halloween at the Community Hall

Kids at the Hall in their Halloween Costumes
School kids in their halloween costumes at the Community Hall. Clint Davidson, Nany and Ingrid Gaines

Clint in Costume
Clint Davidson in his halloween costume at the Community Hall

Christmas at the Community Hall
Geri Crooks with Clint Davidson going to see Santa

Play School at the Community Hall
Kids in play school at the hall. L-R Donny Bouche, Faedra Campbell, Clint Davidson, Ingrid Gaines, Caitlin Hayes

Advertising the Saturna Kids Concert
School kids advertising the concert at the Community Hall. L-R Morgan Pearse, Mitch Pearse, Kaleb Walker, Allison Gaines, Celine Spears

End of the School Year
School kids at the end of the year outside of the Community Hall. L-R Mitchell Pearse, Morgan Pearse, Allison Gaines, Kaleb Walker and Celine Spears.

Loading Lambs for the Lamb BBQ
Priscilla Ewbank and Dick Wallenta loading the lambs from the Community Hall early in the morning of July 1st to take to the site at Winter Cove.

The Family at Bernice's 70th
Bernice Crooks' family at the Community Hall. L-R Back: Shelley, Sam, Bernice, Cliff. Front: Morgan, Mitchell.

Bernice's 70th Birthday at the Hall
Bernice Crooks and Ken Johnson at Bernice's 70th at the Community Hall

Roasting the Pig at the First Pig BBQ
Roasting the pig. Jim Campbell and Jim Money with Grandson Doug

Butchering the Pig for the First Pig BBQ
Barry Crooks, Jimmy Campbell Jr. and John Money butchering the pig for the Pig BBQ at Money's across from the Firehall.

Preparing the Lamb
L-R: Ian Middleditch, John Gaines, Unknown, Chuck Crowley and Jim Campbell spitting the lambs for the BBQ at the Community Hall

Barrels of Homemade Wine at the Harrower Wedding
Barrels of homemade wine at the reception at the Community Hall

Heather and Peter Happy on their Wedding Day
Heather and Peter wait to cut the cake at their reception at the Community Hall

"Hippy Friends" at Heather and Peter's Wedding Reception
Peter Harrower, Heather Vallee and friends at the reception at the Community Hall

Heather and Peter's Wedding Reception
Left: Heather Vallee and Melanie Gaines at Heather and Peter's wedding reception at the Community Hall.

St. Patrick's Day Bridge
L-R: Hilary Phillips, Rick Tipple, Peter Harrower, Margaret Fry. Background: John Money, Lorraine Campbell, others unkown.