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Katherine and Harold Payne Portrait

Katie Bradley-Dyne (Katherine Payne) and her brother Harold Payne

Harold Payne Portrait

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Kathleen Ritchie
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Edwin Chase
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Jim Campbell
Portrait of Jim Campbell

Arthur Ralph
Portrait of Arthur Ralph

Eddie Reid
Portrait of Eddie Reid

Jim Money
Portrait of Jim Money

Joan Georgeson
Informal photo of a young Joan Georgeson

Arthur Ralph
Portrait of a young Arthur Ralph

Money Family Portrait
The Money Family before emigrating to Canada from England.

From L-R: Edward Money, Kate Winnifred Faith 1, Nancy Ellen 5, Alma pregnant with John Alfred, James (Jim Sr.) Edward 2, Arthur Woodrow 8, William (Bill Sr.) Laws 4

The Thomsons Portrait
Wedding photo of Andrew Rutherford Thomson and Helen Lees Thomson (also known as Dot). Lorraine Campbell (nee Thomson)'s parents. Mr. Thomson was a doctor during The First World War.

Walter Ratzlaff Portrait
Portrait of Walter Ratzlaff in uniform.

Saturna School Class Photo
Diane Simisloski, John Davidson, Arthur Carpentier, Jackie Turner, Dale Lawson, Shirlanne Johnson, Jeanette Carpentier, Casey Carpentier, Jennifer Davidson, Shelley Crooks, Tina King, Jamie Carpentier, Mary Jane Davidson, Sandra Simisloski, Sandra Crooks, Stephen Lawson, Roger Lawson

Saturna School Class Photo
Mrs Hindmarch, Shelley Crooks, Sam Crooks, Jeanette Walker, Shirlanne Johnson, Tina King, Casey Carpenter, Dale Lawson, Jack Turner, Steve Lawson.

Ruth Katinka Maude Payne
Photograph, black and white, Ruth Payne


Ruth Katinka Maude 1886-1914
Photograph; sepia; Ruth Katinka


Unknown Portrait
Man in British Army Uniform

Sir Robert Salusbury Gilles Payne Portrait
Father of Charles, Gerald, Harold, Hubert and Katie Payne.

Lady Katherine Chadwick Payne Portrait
Mother of Charles, Gerald, Harold, Hubert and Katie Payne. Note on back reads, "One for you, one for Harold," followed by an illegible note in the same hand.