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Mr. Reid and Mrs. Ralph at a House in Boot Cove

L-R; Eddie Reid and Mrs. Raulph standing in front of a house in Boot Cove. House is now demaintained? House on Nepenthe property.

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Rice Ovens at the Lamb BBQ

L-R; Barb Tinglin? and Karen Muntean sitting by the Spanish rice ovens and the Lamb BBq in the mid-1990s?.

Cooking Lambs at the Lamb BBQ

Jon Gay standing by the fire cooked lambs during the Lamb BBQ.

Clown and face painting at the Lamb BBQ

L-R; Micheal Stewart? as a clown, unknowns. Face painting at the Lamb BBq held in Winter Cove.

Lamb BBQ Coconut Nut Booth

L-R; front facing,Unknown, Bill Sheffeld in the Coconut Shy booth as a part of the Lamb BBQ event held in Winters Cove. Others are unknown.

The Ice Cream Booth for the Lamb BBQ

L-R; Eve Bruce and Bob Bruce in the ice cream booth for the Lamb BBQ. Others are unknown.

Desiree Money at the Lamb BBQ

L-R; Front facing, Desiree Money, and Unknowns, running the darts event as a part of the Lamb BBQ in Winter Cove.

Nan and Alfred at the Saturna Beach Lamb BBQ

L-R; Nan Logan, Alfred Reynolds. On a boat, celebrating the Saturna Beach Lamb BBQ.

Lamb BBQ Boats

A picture of boats moored in Winter Cove for the Lamb BBQ in 1994. Unknown who is in the photo.

Fishing Derby from 1994

This is a photo from the East Point Fishing Derby held in 1994. Located at Lorne Pearson's house. People in the photo unknown.

Fishing Derby 1994

A picture from the Fishing Derby of 1994. This picture was taken from Lorne Pearson's house. People in the photo unknown.

Lamb BBQ 1988

A picture from the Lamb BBQ in 1988. Unknows in the photo.

Thomas with his Chickens

Thomas Zuccolo with his chickens on Saturna Island, B.C.

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Catherine Zuccolo

"The path to the light house. Catherine Zuccolo on Saturna Island."


"Roses at Saturna Island. Katy will have coloured this print."

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Catherine Zuccolo

"Me (Katy) facing the S.W.. Shrubs are scrub oak about a foot high clinging to the wind blown hills. Another note says this is the Saturna Island lighthouse. Catherine will have hand coloured this."


"Roses and the sea from the hill on the south at Tom Zuccolo's farm on Saturna Island about 1943. Written by Katy. She will have hand coloured this."

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Catherine Zuccolo

"Catherine Zuccolo 1934. We don't know if this was taken on Saturna Island."

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Frank Copeland

"Frank Copeland, Saturna Island. A very good friend of Katy."

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Thomas's House

"Saturna Island, Thomas Zuccolo's house. When we saw it, it had burned and nothing left but the chimney and fireplace. We went with Katy. One of the "We" was Lorraine. Who else went on that trip is not known."