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Bishop Asks All to Discover God

Photocopy of a column in the New York Times, published January 16, 1961. The article describes the week long Mission by Anglican Bishop Coleman to satisfy the Inalienable Right of every man woman and child to know God.

The Diocese of British Columbia

Photocopy of a chronological list of Church officials on the Pender islands Pender from 1915-2007

Letter to the Bishop

Letter to Bishop.pdf
Photocopy of a letter to the Bishop from David Apivor of ( Pender Island)re:arrangements forhis visit to the Island for services on The Feast of St.Peter

Letter from the Reverend and Mrs. G. E Taylor

Christmas letter from Reverend G.E.Taylor of Pender Island
Christmas letter to Parishioners Pam & Harry from The Rev'd and Mrs G.E.Taylor

Incumbents Parish of the Gulf Islands

A photocopy of a list of Church officials/incumbents in the Parish/Parishes of the Gulf Islands


St. Christopher's of Saturna Island

St. Christopher's.pdf
Photocopy of an Article entitled "St Christopher's of Saturna Island.written by Avriel Kelly for Daily Colonist , Sunday March 17, 1963. Mentions made of Norman Wilson, Bishop Coleman, Reverend Payne, Reverend Dangerfield, Archdeacon Hazel, The Church harmonium, kneelers, pews, cross.

Christmas Church Service 1982

CHRISTMAS 1982.pdf
The Church Service for Christmas 1982. Mentions : Ken Gillespie, Roy and Thelma Jones, Desiree Money, Doug Money, KJPiper and Tammy Piper, Kathleen Gillespie Christy Gillespie, Daisy Gillespie

Order of Service for the Opening and Dedication of the Church of St. Christopher

by The Archbishop of British Columbia._compressed.pdf
A photocopy of the Christmas church service of 1982.people mentioned are:Ken Gillespie, Roy and Thelma Jones, Desiree and Doug Money, KJ and Tammy Piper, Kathleen ,Daisy and Christy Gillespie

Record of Furnishings Etc. of Saint Christopher's Church

Photocopy of document listing the furnishings of St.Christophers Church

An Altar for Parson Payne's Church on Saturna Island

A photocopy of the article written by John Rodd reproduced from 'Woodcuts' Autumn 1992, issue 5 which describes John Rodd's production of the altar cross for the church

Saturna's Churches

Saturna's Churches_compressed.pdf
Small 4 page pamphlet on the history of Saturna's 2 churches. Mentions Bishop Michael Coleman, Norman Wilson ,Daisy Gillespie and Reverend Alan Reynolds

St. Christopher's Church Historical Notes

St. Christopher's Historical Notes_compressed.pdf
Pamphlet on the History of St. Christophers Church and the building of the church written by Dora Carney who was born in Cape Town in 1903. Contains 2 drawings: one by E.K.Lysen and one by Thelma Jones.
Pamphlet mentions: Major and Mrs Bradley-Dyne, Parson Payne, Bishop Coleman, Norman Wilson, Betty Wilson, Jim Campbell, Lorraine Campbell, Art…

St. Nicholas' Chapel

St. Nicholas Chapel_compressed.pdf
Photocopy of an 8 page pamphlet entitled "Saturna Pioneers of Worship" by Bakhshish Gill. With a number of photos; On Page 3 small photocopy of of photo of St Nicholas Chapel, entitled "Church Bay(the chapel would later come to be known as St Christopher's ") Detail from the register of Baptisms, showing Rev.Payne's name for the Chapel :…

Raising the Roof: Saturna's Churches

in the church basement. The Lions Club helped with the cost and the remodelling and a member served.pdf
Three page article by Dawn Wood entitled Raising the roof : Saturn Churches. Covers a short history of the Church and a request for donations to repair the roof.

The Parish of Pender and Saturna Islands

THE PARISH OF THE-compressed-compressed.pdf
16 page pamphlet entitled : The Parish Of The Pender And Saturna Islands " by Rose Taylor and The Reverend George Taylor. Contains the history of the Parish of Pender and Saturna Islands focuses on St Peters on Pender with some references to Saturna Island. Cover of pamphlet contains illustration of St.Peters Church

Writers of Saturna Island

Writers of Saturna.pdf
A series of interviews with various writers who live on Saturna.

Stella Coutts

Stella Coutts;
Stella was a great bridge player with a big smile and often a joke to tell. Unfortunately this picture doesn't capture her properly.
In telling the joke, Stella would start giggling and make any joke funny and a pleasure to listen to.
Stella was an active member of the Saturna Island Women's Service Club and a good cook.

Laura & Jamie Carpentier's Wedding

Laura & Jamie.jpeg
John and Carol Money put on the wedding for Laura & Jamie. Laura was John's sister Betty's daughter and we were very fond of her. She was living on Saturna and soon caught the eye of Jamie.
Jamie was the son of Betty & Geno Carpentier who lived at the corner of Waveney Road & Sunset Boulevard, and he grew up on Saturna Island.
They were married…

Laurel (Cunningham) & Jim Dunkley's Wedding

Laurie and Jim 1.jpeg
Laurel (Laurie) Cunningham was the daughter of Lill and Don Cunningham. Don was the nephew of Lou Money.
Laurie & Jim were married on August 20, 1988 at St. Christopher's Church, followed by a lovely dinner put on by the Saturna Island Women's Service Club at the Saturna Community Hall.
Cara Money was the flower girl wearing a beautiful dress and…

Polly Howarth

This is a picture of Polly Howarth. This one was taken at Jim & Lou's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration at Carol Money's home on October 15th, 1985.
Polly has a love of jewelry. She was always dressed up, even when gardening and she loved her gardening! But she would be perfectly coordinated and dressed up, even in the garden.
She was a lovely…

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