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New Years on Saturna Island

The annual New Years Day Saturna field hockey game.

The Family at Bernice's 70th
Bernice Crooks' family at the Community Hall. L-R Back: Shelley, Sam, Bernice, Cliff. Front: Morgan, Mitchell.

Bernice's 70th Birthday at the Hall
Bernice Crooks and Ken Johnson at Bernice's 70th at the Community Hall

Waiting for Dinner at the Community Hall
Left side, front to back: Joan McNeil, ?, Marjorie Ratzlaff, possibly Jeannie Rich, second from the end. Right side, front to back: Hilda Crosby, Les Crosby, Davina Vincent, Parker Joudry. Standing woman is Mrs. Mascow, a substitute teacher for Mrs. Hindmarch.

Community Dinner at the Hall
Daisy Bavis is the woman closest and facing the camera

Club Meeting at the Community Hall
Club meeting at the hall. L-R (back): Steve Mascow, Daisy Bavis, Les and Hilda Crosby, Tracey Pillsbury. L-R (front): Unknown, Myrtle Mascow, Louise Money

Mrs. Warlow at the Piano
Mrs. Warlow at the Piano. This photo appears in a series of photos from Christmas Dinner at the Community Hall.

Bathtub Gin Party
Lou Money dressed as a flapper and getting a drink of gin from a baby bathtub. This was taken at the Bathtub Gin (Roaring Twenties) party at Margaret Fry's house.

Octogenarian Pioneers Entertains on Birthday
Photograph, black and white, news clipping

Harold and Hubert Payne's 80th Birthday
The Payne family together for twins, Harold and Reverend Hubert's 80th birthday at Harold's home in Deep Bay.

Margaret Payne, Fred Pollard, Margo Irving, Reg Payne, Nona Payne, Richard Pollard, Dora Payne, Audrey Pollard, Sally (Pollard) Hemeon, Chris Pollard, Visitor Boy.
Katie (Payne) Bradley-Dyne, Elizabeth (Bess) Payne, Jessie (Ryle)…

Farm House Dance
L-R: Donny Begon, Leona Steeves, Dougie Ball, Pat & Jack Ruck, Geno Carpentier, Bill Money and Irene Lawson. Accompanying note reads, "A party at the old farm house at the shale plant. Good picture of Brother Bill."