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Landslide on Saturna!

The notes on the back of this photo say: "Landslide of School Hill on East Point Road that went down to the water in Lyall Harbour. Money Road out to Lyall Harbour Marina was also blocked by the landslide. John Money and Barry Crooks had two machines working to clear the slide along with other machines hired by the Department of Highways."

Margaret Fry's 80th B'day

A picture of Margaret Fry holding a flower arrangement.

On the back of this picture that Carol Money received from Margaret, it says "Carol, A momento of the beautiful flower arrangement with the b'day 'girl'. Margaret."

Lamb BBQ Boats

A picture of boats moored in Winter Cove for the Lamb BBQ in 1994. Unknown who is in the photo.

Fishing Derby 1994

A picture from the Fishing Derby of 1994. This picture was taken from Lorne Pearson's house. People in the photo unknown.

The Old Stone Cottage at Narvaez Bay Story

BC Historical News.pdf
A history of the stone cottage at Narvaez Bay and of Saturna in general.

Margaret and John at Margaret's Memorial
Margaret Fry and John Money at her memorial.

Margaret Fry's Memorial (While she was Alive)
Michael Fry, Margaret Fry and John Money at Margaret's memorial. She lived until August 3, 2007.

John Bartending at Lynne Grant's Wedding to Hugh Hooper
Barry Crooks and John Money at the wedding at the Community Hall

Judy's Jam Booth at the Community Hall
Judy Tipple selling her jams

Jack Rush
Jack Rush sitting in the shade of a truck at the Lamb BBQ. He first came to Saturna in 1946 and built a summer cabin in Boot Cove.

Carving the Lambs
Jon Guy (left) and Hubertus Surm carving the lambs at the Lamb BBQ

Lambs Roasting
Cooking the lambs at the Lamb BBQ. Note on back reads "SWSC" (Saturna Women's Service Club).

Drink To Your Health!
Dayle Johnson and Melanie Gaines selling tickets for the beer garden at the Lamb BBQ. Note on back reads "SWSC".

The Campbells
Jim Campbell with his sister Mim McKinnon and brother Charlie Campbell