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Land Being Cleared for Firehall
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New Fire Hall Being Built
New fire hall across from the General Store

Saturna Fire Engine
"This fire truck came from the Sullivan Fire Department in Surrey. The purchase was arranged by Don Grant who was a member of the Sullivan Fire Dept. Before the truck came to Saturna, Don Grant took it to the Burnaby Technical School and had it completely gone over. It served Saturna well for many years. This picture was taken outside the Burnaby…

Saturna Fire Department No. 1
"John thinks this picture is probably from the early summer of 1970 as the doors aren't on yet & they were put on by John, Barry Crooks and Tom Cowan in the winter of 1971 the day that his Uncle Bill was drowned. Our family donated the property and the whole community pulled together with donations and fund raisers of chicken with corn barbecues…

Barbecuing Pig
R - Jim Money Sr. stands in front of a barbecuing pig. The other subject's name is unknown.

Preparing a Pig
Butchering the pig for the first pig BBQ, that John grew behind barn.

Firehall Before Medical Centre Built on Top
Fire Hall before medical centre built on top, fundraising for the fire hall.