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Wedding Photo of Joan Georgeson and Arthur Ralph at the Lighthouse
Joan Georgeson, Arthur Ralph, James Georgeson, Annie Georgeson, Pete Georgeson at East Point

Joan Georgeson and Arthur Ralph Wedding
Wedding photo of Joan Georgeson and Arthur Ralph at the lighthouse at East Point

Margaret and Art Ralph with their father Arthur Ralph
Picture of Margaret and Art with their father Arthur Ralph. Girl in foreground unknown.

Billy Trueworthy
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At Billy Trueworthy's
Picture of three people in front of a building. Note on back reads "George Chester (from James Island), May Wright (Georgeson), Bill Thompson (from James Island) - Picture taken at Billy Trueworthy's - Saturna Island BC. Other print of photograph has the men labeled as George Chester and Harry Temple.

Entering Boot Cove
Dolly Payne (young woman on the left), and Katherine (Polly) Bradley-Dyne coming into Boot Cove on a boat.

Margaret, Eighteen Months
Image shows a young girl standing on a chair. Note in margin reads, "Margaret 18 months."

Heather Bell the Boat
The image shows three people sitting on a docked boat.

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