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Items from "Campbell Family Collection": 71

Woden the Goat
The Campbell's goat, Woden, balancing on a raft at Saturna Beach.

Saturna Beach
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The Campbells
Jim Campbell with his sister Mim McKinnon and brother Charlie Campbell

Jimmy, Tom, and Nan Campbell
Jim, Tom and Nan Campbell sitting together as young children

Jim Campbell in a Row Boat
Jim Campbell rowing to the Ann Elizabeth

Jim Campbell Rowing
Jim Campbell in a row boat at Saturna Beach

Jim Campbell Milking a Cow
Jim Campbell squirting cow's milk into the cat's mouth

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James McGreer Campbell
Jimmy Campbell Jr. with a dog on the Saturna Beach dock.

Jim and Jacques Campbell
Jim Campbell with Jacques Campbell on a tractor

Jim and Charlie Campbell
Jim Campbell and his brother Charlie Campbell at Saturna Beach

Jim Campbell with a Foal
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Jim Campbell and a Co-Worker
Jim Campbell and a Co-Worker with a fallen big tree

Jim and Lorraine Campbell
Jim and Lorraine Campbell in front of their home

Grampa Campbell Search Party
photograph : cl.


Tugs at East Point
photograph : bw. Full title reads: 'Tugs at East Point, logs against the bluff, they were waiting on the tide, American tug Wanderer is the big one, Almira the middle one'.

Taken from East Point Light
photograph : bw.


Saturna Wharf
photograph : bw.

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